Soil Degradation

Posted: November 9, 2013 in Physical Geography

Physical Geography 1010

The definition of Degradation is: the wearing down of the land by the erosive action of water, wind, or ice usually due to man’s presence. Now it isn’t always our fault. This does happen in nature on it’s own. We just have a tendency to speed it up form time to time.



Soil Degradation happens everywhere in the world. We just so happen to have some of the worst of it in our very own backyard. It is mostly happening in areas that have a good amount of live stock that could be over grazing. It is also happening up against areas that might be booming and we are cutting down too many trees.  There are several causes to soil degradation.



It has been determined that there are many causes of soil degradation. I did already indicate a few above but I will elaborate.

35% of the worlds soil degradation is due to overgrazing. Overgrazing:  to graze (land) beyond its capacity to sustain stock. This happens one of two ways. First you have plenty of land you just aren’t replanting, or moving your heard in order to allow regrowth. Second you have too many in your heard than your land can handle.

30% of the worlds soil degradation is due to Deforestation. Deforestation: to divest or clear of forests or trees. There are pros and cons to deforestation. The pros to it is it gives you more room to provide living, farming, or economic areas for a group  of people that might be living in that area. The con is this aspect is that it has to be done right. If you take to many trees or go to far with it you loos the foundation that is holding the ground together.

28% of the worlds soil degradation is due to Agriculture. Agriculture: the science, art, or occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, and raising livestock; farming. This also has to be done carefully. When you harvest you don’t want to completely clear everything to early or to soon. It could cause a break down of the soil thus creating flooding or the opposite and not having enough water in the soil to grow anything.

7% of the worlds soil degradation is due to Fuel Wood Gathering. Fuel wood gathering is just as it looks. People cutting down trees in order to power different machines, furnaces, or even ovens.

<1% of the worlds soil degradation is due to Industry. Industry may have driver people into the remote areas that end up making plans for Deforestation, but over all Industry has had little to do with soil degradation.



We have a plan! We are working as a group to prevent this from happening. We have developed several rules for grazing and agriculture that a lot for only certain things or some many in number. There are also some organizations that are looking to impose laws on the matter. The WWF has seen success in this matter in Paraguay. Paraguay reduced the rate of deforestation in their country by 85% in the years just following enactment of its 2004 Zero Deforestation Law. WWF advocates for governments, international bodies and other stakeholders to make zero net deforestation a reality by 2020.

I posted this video because I felt it an interesting video with notice of this issue so early in our history yet we still don’t have a grasp on it. I feel that we are making great strides towards the end result. We just need to make sure that we are continuing to make those strides. If we go to far with our needs and don’t think about the environment we won’t have anything left to sustain us. We must respect our boundaries and the boundaries of Mother Nature. We must learn when and where we can and cannot take from and give back to the earth where we can. Once we have learn that power we will be able to do great things and still have a planet to look after us.

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